Iran has attacked an Israeli tanker in the Arabian Sea

Iran has attacked an Israeli tanker in the Arabian Sea with drones and ships. The revelation of the BBC

Iranian military ships and drones are said to have attacked an Israeli tanker Arabian Sea, the northwestern area of ​​the Indian Ocean between the Indian and Arabian peninsulas and the Somali coast. The episode dates back to last Friday but the news was reported by BBC Persian tonight. According to reconstructions also picked up by the Israeli media, the ship attacked, named “Campo Square”, belonged to the Zodiac Shipping Company, owned by the Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer. However, the tanker does not belong to the Zodiac fleet, but to the Elston Company, a Greece-based company. A US military official and a senior regional military source said the attack would include several Iranian ships and the Shahed 136 drone. The latter is the same type of weapon Iran has already used in similar attacks in the region, as well as the one used by the Russia would have used in the conflict Ukraine. The damaged ship was flying the flag of Liberia but – according to the report – the attack did not cause significant damage to the vehicle. The UK Foreign Office released some statements after the news was released: “Vessels must be authorised move freely and in accordance with international law”. And he added: “We are working with our international allies to clarify the truth.” This attack has raised concern and – writes the BBC – can be taken as a “sign of intensifying the attack”. threatening actions of Iran against ships in the region”.

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