Irela Bravo stays in the USA quotI39m here for survival

Irela Bravo stays in the USA: "I'm here for survival questions"

Irela Bravo admitted to influencer Alexander Otaola that she remains in Miami to improve her family's quality of life on the island, which she describes as “survival.”

“It was a very difficult decision for me”said the actress, who indicated that her 94-year-old mother remained in Cuba, which encouraged her to make this decision.

“It's time for you to change the cycle of your life. I hope you last as long as I did, but Mija, whatever you have left to live, live it,” Irela says her mother told her.

“Nothing material ties me to Cuba because no one there gave me anything, and I say that with great pride.”explained the artist, who reported that during the special period she was homeless for about four or five years on the porch and living room of her house in the Santos Suárez neighborhood, in the municipality of Diez de Octubre, Havana.

She says that in desperation she asked the city PCC for help and that those efforts were unsuccessful. Overwhelmed by the need to solve the housing problem, she sold her car and her brother sent her money from Spain, which she used to make a license plate for the entire house.

“I owe everything I achieved in Cuba to the sacrifice of my work and my own effort.”explained the actress, emphasizing that she decided to stay in Miami so that her family would not lack anything.

“I’m here because of a survival problem.”he noticed.

“It's hopelessness. “If a man has no hope, he does not live, he cannot bear fruit.”replied Irela Bravo when asked by Otaola what it meant that a woman like her mother, who was a “revolutionary,” told her to stay in the United States.

Irela Bravo was in the United States during the September 11 protests and says what happened caused her “pain.”

“I was in the US and I wasn’t feeling well. It hurt me to see these young people and the violence with which they acted.” […] “They just went out to demonstrate, not to kill anyone,” he said.

In December, it was revealed that Irela Bravo was visiting Miami. In a first interview with Ian Padrón, he confessed that he would spend a long time in the United States, although he admitted at the time that it would stay.

The actress will take part in the humorous play “Havana in Hialeah,” in which she will play her popular character “Chachita,” the same one she played in the popular Cuban television show “Vivir del Cuento.” In this new project, Irela Bravo will once again share the stage with Omar Franco, who played the character of “Ruperto”, her eternal lover, in the aforementioned Cuban comedy show.