Irene39s end in Land and Passion Madame gets Rodrigo Lombardi

Irene's end in Land and Passion: Madame gets Rodrigo Lombardi addicted and adopts son TV

The exit of Irene (Gloria Pires) in Terra e Paixão will be sealed. The villain ends the soap opera by starting her life over with a handsome husband and even adopting a boy named after the son she killed: Daniel (Johnny Massaro). The details of Rodrigo Lombardi's participation will be announced by TV news firsthand. He will enter the final chapter so that the villain can have a happy ending, the “perfect family” she wanted so much, right up to the kidnapping of Danielzinho (Bryan Robert).

Irene was the big villain of Walcyr Carrasco's Globo Nine O'Clock soap opera, cowritten by Thelma Guedes after it had already aired. She was responsible for killing her own son when she tried to eliminate her stepson Caio (Cauã Reymond).

In fact, the woman was the character who repeated the word “succession” the most in the first few months of the story. After she escapes to start her life anew away from Nova Primavera and with impunity, everything indicates that Caio (Cauã Reymond) and Petra (Debora Ozório) will take over their father's business as Antônio's (Tony Ramos) natural heirs .

The writers threw a samba in Irene's face when they pulled Agatha (Eliane Giardini) from the grave to compete with her. The excon was really a nuisance in the woman's life. Caught in bed by Antônio with her then lover Vinícius (Paulo Rocha), Irene experienced a fall but recovered by murdering her enemy.

Cold villain from start to finish

Irene always showed that she only loved her husband and her late son. The vixen became an unrestrained murderer precisely to hide her guilt in Daniel's death from Antônio.

She was always very cold towards her daughter Petra and arrived in the final week of the series completely freaked out. She assumed that Danielzinho was her grandson, ignoring facts from the past: she had driven away Graça (Agatha Moreira) when she found out that the boy was Marino's (Leandro Lima) son.

Gloria Pires says goodbye to soap operas with her appearance in Terra e Paixão. After a 54year relationship with Globo, she did not renew her exclusive relationship with the broadcaster.

That doesn't mean she won't do series again, but the actress will take a break. She plans to take the step as a producer to select more of her work. Irene's interpreter will try to breathe new air, since she has been working on television since she was five years old.

Terra e Paixão is set in the fictional town of Nova Primavera in Mato Grosso do Sul. The plot began in May 2023 and will be broadcast this Friday (19). Next up, Globo will premiere the remake of Renascer (1993) in prime time.

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