Irvin Garcia founding member of Haciendo Punto en Otro Son

Irvin García, founding member of Haciendo Punto en Otro Son, dies

Puerto Rican singer and percussionist Irvin Garcia, a founding member of Haciendo Punto en Otro Son, the Puerto Rican Nueva Trova band formed in 1975, passed away this morning.

The singer was diagnosed a year ago Cancer the liver. Garcia preferred to keep his medical condition a secret.

“A legend and a great brother have left us. Irvin García, founding member of Haciendo en otro son. May God bless an extraordinary being. Together with the brothers Héctor Rodríguez (DEP) and Ramón Pedraza, we have managed to get very close to the work we started with Atabal 4. His growth over the past (years) as an artist, writer, educator and human being has been commendable. I will never forget. Let’s applaud him,” said his friend and colleague Jorge Arce.

Quique DomenechLikewise, he was one of the first to respond to García’s death. The musician has long been the musical director of the popular group.

“From 1998 to 2003 I had the honor of musically directing the group Haciendo Punto en Otro Son. Today I learn that another member, Irvin García, has made his transition into the heavenly neighborhood. Thanks for everything you taught me Irvin!” he said.

Haciendo Punto en Otro Son was composed by Tony Croatto, Silverio Perez, happy la torreNano Cabrera and Garcia. His first album, with eleven songs that have become classics since their release, included the songs “Verde luz”, “La vida campesina”, “Saddling my horse”, “26-year-old woman” and “In life everything is going”.

The initial quintet was not eternal. Pérez’s departure gave way to the institutionalization of the group, which at different stages had talents such as Nena Rivera, José Vega, Rayda Cotto, Iván González, Nana LaTorre, Jorge Santiago Arce and Millito Cruz.

By the end of the group in 1986, they produced nine albums, made history with their concerts in the island’s great halls and left their mark on the music stages. Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico Y United States of America.

After a long hiatus, the original quintet reunited in November 1992 Center of Fine Arts Santurce. Later Josy, Silverio, Irvin and Tony founded the quartet Punto por Punto and started the production “Antología de la Nueva Canción”. However, in January 1999, Pérez announced his departure from the group.

A Christmas production he released Christmas of 1999 and the remembered presentation at the 2000 regata equally served as a reunion for this group that shaped the history of Puerto Rican music.

In fact, Pérez compared the feeling of this loss to that of a relative.

“It’s a very noticeable and heavy loss, knowing that of the five of us who founded ‘Haciendo Punto en Otro Son’, two of those pillars are no longer with us, it’s very heavy. First Tony (Croatto) and now Irving. We were more than a group, we were a family, we grew together, we shared our personal growth. It was such a beautiful time that the five of us were together from 1975 to 1977, then in the 80’s at the Punto Graduation concert and got back together in 1992 and it’s a family experience. It’s a sense of family loss,” he told the outlet.