Is “1883” back for season 2?

Does Taylor Sheridan continue “1883”? As the first season ended heartbreakingly on Sunday, viewers couldn’t wait to see what came next.

In a quick search, the answer is yes. Paramount Plus ordered more episodes of “1883”, a statement made during a stream of investors’ talks on February 15. It was also revealed that day that the Yellowstone universe would continue with another chapter, 1932, which would follow the Dutton family during the Western Expansion, the Ban, and the Great Depression.

After Sunday’s final, however, Sheridan said he had seemingly closed the door on 1883.

“I created this insight into time to show you this particular journey. I’m not a person who likes to tie everything in a bow and explain how everyone lived happily ever after or not. I prefer to imagine it and wonder what Thomas and Naomi have done in their lives. “You can never see James and Margaret moving forward,” Sheridan told Deadline. “You saw them in retrospect as they moved forward, so I wanted to study. To the next look out the window. I also wanted to create something to watch and be completely fascinated and fulfilled, because I’ve never seen Yellowstone. Let him live according to his merits. Yes, for these Yellowstone fans, there are some real Easter eggs and an understanding you can get from what informs the way you watch Yellowstone. I like this model. For me, as a narrator, he feels closed. I will look out the window of a different era and see what I see then. ”

He added: “We wanted to make a 10-hour film that ended, and we did.”

Does this mean that “1883” is over? Diversity confirms that additional episodes have been ordered, but “the creative message is still being determined”.

Tim McGraw, who co-hosts Season 1 with Sam Elliott, is also interested in more.

“Taylor is such a brilliant writer that I can only imagine what he will invent and whatever he imagines will probably not even be close. So I have no idea. “I’m as impatient as anyone to see what happens,” McGraw said Diversity. “We are somehow as unknown as everyone else.”

Sheridan, meanwhile, has a number of other projects on his joint deal with MTV Entertainment Studios, including “Tulsa King” with Sylvester Stallone, which will debut on the streamer in the fall. “Land Man” starring Billy Bob Thornton and “The Lioness” with Zoe Saldana and produced by Nicole Kidman, will debut in 2023.