1674900858 Is animal testing really over

Is animal testing really over?

A record-breaking citizens’ initiative by Tierschutz Austria and other NGOs must finally put an end to painful animal experiments.

With more than 1.2 million signatures, EU citizens speak a clear language: the times when more than ten million animals such as rabbits, cats, dogs, rats and monkeys were tortured in laboratories for testing cosmetic ingredients and chemicals, should end soon. The EU Commission now has an obligation to sit down with representatives of the organizations and seek a concrete plan to eliminate all animal experiments in the EU.

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These are the demands

The top three demands include strict implementation of the EU ban on animal testing for cosmetic ingredients, a full transition to non-animal methods for chemical safety testing and a commitment to a plan to phase out all animal testing. “It’s about time we evolved – away from antiquated methods of animal cruelty and towards modern research,” calls MMag. Dr.in Madeleine Petrovic President of the Vienna Animal Welfare Association.

“A concrete plan is needed to completely replace animal experiments with alternative animal welfare and eco-friendly methods in order to finally end the immense suffering of laboratory animals…”

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Victory in 22 countries

To be successful, a citizens’ initiative must collect at least 1 million valid signatures and reach a minimum target in at least seven different EU countries. The minimum target was reached in 22 different countries, demonstrating support across Europe for the phasing out of animal testing.

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