Is Carmen Gutierrez from Griselda inspired by a real person

Is Carmen Gutierrez from Griselda inspired by a real person? LIKE.

From more than “Griselda” is inspired by real events, not always everything that happened is followed to the letter. With titles like series and films, those responsible for production, script, etc. usually take certain liberties when telling the story that we ultimately see on screen. Therefore, it is not surprising that we see fictional or modified characters in the chapters that Netflix presents to us.

Furthermore, co-creator Eric Newman and director Andrés Baiz have admitted this in repeated interviews The series is very fictionalSo it is confirmed that they have put a lot of effort into the true story to create a better product that ensures that the entire audience is hooked from beginning to end, which they have succeeded in doing as it is the most watched one currently the streaming platform.

That is, in the series we can see events that did not actually happen, or characters that have changed or that were created to give more meaning to the narrative. In this case we will talk about it Carmen Gutiérrez, who was a great friend of Griselda Blanco in literature. Could it be that she was really part of the real “godmother”’s life? If you want to know, continue reading this article but at your own discretion since this text contains a SPOILER ALERT because we are going to reveal some things that happen in the series.

In the series, Carmen Gutiérrez was a friend of Griselda and the one who helped her arrive in the United States (Photo: Netflix)


Carmen Gutiérrez was a Griselda crumb in the Netflix series. In addition, it can be said that he was his great support when he left Colombia and moved to the USA. After killing Alberto, the protagonist of the series contacts Carmen and asks her if she could stay with her for a while in her house in Miami.

Carmen accepts and extends her hand to her friend. In addition, he allows her to work in his travel agency to get money, but some time later he realizes that Griselda was a drug dealer and the servant of his house because she no longer wants to be involved in this life of crime.

Over time, Griselda gives the order to Chucho to buy plane tickets from Carmen's agency, who realizes what has happened and objects, although later she is convinced and helps the protagonist in some things by becoming part of the criminal gang that drugs transported from Colombia.

The authorities manage to exploit a property rented in the name of Carmen's company that was used for criminal purposes. With this in mind, she is offered a deal, which she ultimately accepts and acts as an informant for the police. She plays a crucial role in determining the connections and creating everything necessary to arrest Griselda in the future.


If we talk about Carmen Gutiérrez in real life, we can say that she did not exist as such, although perhaps she did. Here we pose a great doubt, although we could also say that this character is a mixture of two people who have participated in some way in the life of our beloved protagonist of the series.

To understand this, let's first assume that, according to police reports and books about the drug trafficker, there was actually a woman in his life who was his girlfriend, and her name was María Gutiérrez, who became his travel agent. just like Carmen Gutiérrez in fiction. María became an informant for the DEA over the years.

Likewise, there is another woman named Carmen, although her last name is Cabán. She participated in Griselda's work as one of the many human traffickers who worked under her leadership. Like the person we referred to in the previous paragraph, he also became an informant for the authorities.

Finally, One could say that there was no Carmen Gutiérrez as such, but she is the mixture of two people. In addition, the first name of one and the last name of the other are adopted. Could it be that the creators merged two people into one character?