Is tipping mandatory Customer receives threat after ordering via delivery

Is tipping mandatory? Customer receives threat after ordering via delivery app Edital Concursos Brasil

If the topic is TipThere is no doubt that a debate will begin. While some believe that it is the customer's duty, others believe that consumers have the right to decide whether to give something or not allowance. Recently, a TikTok user fueled the discussion on this topic by sharing a video of a situation that happened to her.

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When Tamera received her order, she was in for a surprise. The professional responsible for delivering the food refused the tip offered by Tamera because she believed that the consumer would not pay for it based on the information in the application. When offered a tip, the professional declined and told Tamera to ignore the note left with the order.

The published video was recorded by a surveillance camera installed at the consumer's door. To date, the publication has more than 300,000 views. In the video description, Tamera said: “The [entregadora do] Door Dasher leaves a nasty note in your food because he thinks you won’t leave a tip.”


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What was on the note?

The delivery girl arrives at Tamera's house with a Popeys package. Upon meeting the customer who attempts to hand over the tip, the delivery woman promptly declines the amount. “Keep it. I didn't see a tip on the app and left a little note. I'm sorry,” said the professional. The case takes place in Maryland in the United States.

In another video, Tamera posts the contents of the note left by the delivery woman: “Luckily I didn’t touch the food. But next time, consider tipping your driver.” In a statement to the NY Post, a representative for DoorDash, the delivery platform responsible for the order, said the matter remains under investigation.

“We expect all members of our community to treat each other with respect, and the behavior shown in this video is unacceptable,” the representative said. Finally, the company also says it has a policy that customers who don't tip through the app will take longer to receive their orders. Additionally, delivery drivers can choose which orders they deliver with or without tips.