Israel finds large quantities of Chinese weapons in Gaza

Israel finds large quantities of Chinese weapons in Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confiscated a “huge” amount of it Chinese weapons used by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip, says Israeli television station N12.

According to the report, the The top leadership of the Israeli government was informed about the discovery.

Carice Witte, CEO of SIGNAL Group and an expert on ChinaIsrael relations, commented on the revelation in an interview with the Israeli broadcaster, stating: I don't think the weapons weren't traded of terrorist groups directly with Beijing.

“China has a large arms industry,” said Witte. “Basically, does not sell weapons to nongovernmental entitiescertainly sells weapons to countries in the [Oriente Médio]“.

They may be responsible for the nature of the weapons in Gaza Governments of Middle Eastern countries or independent Chinese agents who illegally negotiate with terrorist groups.

“Business relationships between China and the countries of the Middle East are well known“, he added. “It is not impossible that these types of weapons end up in the wrong hands.”

She further said that Israel “should clarify the issue with the official Chinese authorities.”

This week, Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said the country faces a war on six fronts, well beyond the confrontation with the terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He quoted them Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Yemen and Iraq.

In addition to the Palestinian territories, all of the countries mentioned are involved in some form in the conflict between Tel Aviv and Hamas.

Lebanon is home to Hezbollah, which has officially been at war with Israel since the terror group was founded in the 1980s.

Syria, whose regime is led by Bashar alAssad, and Iraq, which like much of the Middle East does not recognize Israel's sovereignty, served as a stage and corridor for attacks on Tel Aviv.