Israel Gaza Foreign Minister says Palestinians quothave the right to

Israel Gaza: Foreign Minister says Palestinians "have the right to a state"

Stéphane Séjourné reacts to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's comments against “Palestinian sovereignty” in the Gaza Strip, which has been under Israeli fire for more than 100 days.

The Palestinians “have the right to sovereignty and to a state,” declared the French diplomatic chief Stéphane Séjourné this Saturday, January 20, after the Israeli Prime Minister reiterated his rejection of “Palestinian sovereignty” in Gaza.

“France will remain faithful to its commitment to achieve this goal,” continues Stéphane Séjourné on X (formerly Twitter).

Two-state solution

The French minister's tweet follows comments from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who opposed Palestinian sovereignty in Gaza and believed that Israel must maintain “control over the security of the Palestinian territory.”

Israel must “ensure that Gaza no longer poses a threat,” and this requirement “contradicts the demand for Palestinian sovereignty,” Benjamin Netanyahu said during a telephone interview this Friday with US President Joe Biden, according to the Prime Minister’s Office.

The United States and Europe are advocating a two-state solution that is rejected by the Israeli government, which is waging a war against the Palestinian Hamas in Gaza following the October 7 Hamas attacks in Israel.

According to the Hamas Health Ministry, the Israeli response in Gaza has left nearly 25,000 dead, the vast majority of them women, children and teenagers.

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