Israel Hamas agreement Yes to the shipment of medicines Red

Israel Hamas agreement: Yes to the shipment of medicines. Red Sea, new US attack against the Houthis


Israel-Hamas agreement on the transport of medicines

Shortly after Qatar announced the agreement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office also confirmed the agreement to send drugs to the hostages, prisoners of Hamas in Gaza. Netanyahu expressed his “appreciation for everyone who helped in this process” and promised that Israel would check whether the drugs had reached their destination.


Gaza, media: 13 dead in Israeli attack on Khan Younis

According to the Palestinian news agency Wafa, 13 people were killed and several others injured in air and artillery strikes by Israeli forces on the town of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip last night. The raids hit residential buildings in the Al-Nasmawi, Batn Al-Sameen and New Abasan neighborhoods, as well as the areas around Nasser and Al-Amal hospitals. Shortly beforehand, the Hamas-run Palestinian Ministry of Health reported 158 deaths in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours. According to the same source, at least 24,285 people have been killed in the Israeli offensive since October 7.

January 16th – 6:49 p.m

US strike in Yemen against Houthi anti-ship missiles

The US military carried out a new strike against four Houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles in Yemen today. This is reported by Portal on its website, citing two US officials. According to one of the two sources, the missiles hit were prepared to attack ships in the region. The US attack came after Houthi forces attacked the American merchant ship Gibraltar Eagle with a ballistic missile yesterday.

January 16th – 4:24 p.m

“Shell stops deliveries through the Red Sea”

British oil giant Shell has suspended all deliveries through the Red Sea indefinitely after US and British attacks on Yemen's Houthi rebels sparked fears of further escalation. The WSJ reports this, citing sources aware of the decision.

January 16th – 4:08 p.m

Broad consensus among the 27 member states of the European Union for deployment in the Red Sea

There appears to be “a broad consensus” among the 27 EU member states on the need to act “quickly and pragmatically” to secure shipping in the Red Sea and counter the Houthis through the creation of an EU mission. A diplomatic source assures ANSA. Now the Political-Military Group should make its “recommendations” and the EU Military Committee should give military advice on the concept of crisis management “as quickly as possible”.

January 16th – 2:20 p.m

Greek ship hit by Houthi missile

A Greek ship flying the flag of Malta was hit by a missile fired by Houthi rebels while traveling off the coast of Yemen. It was reportedly a bulk carrier Zographyand suffered minor damage, maritime sources told Portal.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO), which is part of the Royal Navy and provides maritime safety advice to merchant vessels, said the accident occurred about 100 nautical miles northwest of Salif.

January 16th – 1:32 p.m

Red Sea, Navy Seal Operation: Iran seized missiles from Houthis

The central command of the United States (Centcom) announced in a post on X that in a spectacular operation i Navy SEAL Americans, supported by aircraft, helicopters and drones, boarded a ship (dhow) near the coast of Somalia in the international waters of the Arabian Sea and seized Iranian-made missiles and components intended to supply the militias Houthis of Yemen. Cruise missiles were also seized among the weapons confiscated. The same type of weapon was used by the Houthis to attack merchant ships in the Red Sea. During the operation two marine seals were lost at sea.

What happened on January 11, US Central Command says on January 17, 2019. It is clear that Tehran continues to send lethal aid to the Houthis. “This is another example of Iran actively sowing instability throughout the region, in direct violation of United Nations Security Resolution 2216 and international law,” said US General Michael Erik Kurilla. “We will continue to work together as regional partners and international governments to denounce this effort and ultimately restore freedom of navigation.” The dhow was sunk.

January 16th – 8:55am

Lebanon: Biden envoy warns of risk of serious escalation

According to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, the visit of US President Joe Biden's special envoy Amos Hochstein brought only one message: “Restore security in Israel and return residents to their homes,” which was “like a Warning of a serious escalation appears.” The newspaper also reports that Hochstein has asked the Lebanese authorities to move Hezbollah fighters seven kilometers beyond the Blue Line and have them replaced by the Lebanese army. “Otherwise Israel will go to war against Hezbollah,” Hochstein was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

January 16th – 08:43

NGO: Civilians, including newborn, killed in Iranian attack on Iraq

“During the attack by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Hawler (Erbil), at least five civilians, including an 11-month-old baby, were killed and many other children were injured.” This was stated on X by the Norway-based NGO “Hengaw”. Last night the Pasdaran said they had “attacked and destroyed one of the main spy centers of the Zionist regime (Mossad) in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq” in a “ballistic missile” attack on Erbil in northern Iraq.

January 16th – 7:25am

Iran: Mossad headquarters in Erbil, Iraq destroyed

Iran's Revolutionary Guard said it had “attacked and destroyed one of the most important spy centers of the Zionist regime (Mossad) in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq” in the “ballistic missile” attack on Erbil in northern Iraq. This was announced by the Iranian agency Fars. The target is “the center for the development of espionage operations and the planning of terrorist actions in the region and especially in our beloved country,” the statement said. “The offensive operations will continue until the last drops of blood of the martyrs are avenged,” the statement concluded.

January 16th – 07:23

Wafa: New Israeli attack on Gaza, 25 dead

According to the Palestinian news agency Wafa, 25 people were killed and dozens more injured in Israeli shelling in several areas of the Gaza Strip last night. Local medical sources report 11 casualties in airstrikes on a house in Mirage, north of the southern city of Rafah; eight people died in a bomb attack near the civil protection headquarters in Khan Yunis in central Gaza; four casualties were caused by a raid on the Bureij refugee camp, also in the central area of ​​the Palestinian enclave; Two people died in a bomb attack in the Tel al-Hawa district of Gaza City. The death toll from Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip over the past 24 years is at least 132, also according to Palestinian medical sources cited by Wafa.

January 16th – 07:23

Israel: We did not kill the hostages

“We officially deny Hamas’s lies that the hostages were killed after our attacks,” but “we know that we targeted and destroyed the terrorists’ infrastructure near where they were held.” This was stated by Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari in a comment on the video released by the Al-Qassam Brigades, in which the death of two hostages was announced due to Israeli attacks on Gaza. “We have conveyed to the families our deep concern for the fate of Itay Sabirsky and another hostage. They could be dead,” the spokesman added.