Israel Hamas ceasefire talks in Gaza fail MSC ship attacked

Israel Hamas: ceasefire talks in Gaza fail. MSC ship attacked by Houthis in Red Sea: fire on board

3:05 p.m

Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas fail

Ceasefire talks between Hamas and mediators have failed in Cairo and just days remain to end the fighting in time for the start of Ramadan. This was reported by international media, including the Guardian. Bassem Naim, a senior Hamas official, said the Palestinian group presented its proposal for a ceasefire agreement to mediators during two days of negotiations and was waiting for a response from the Israelis, who did not take part in that round of negotiations.

11:19 a.m

Crosetto: Ships attacked by Houthis have nothing to do with Gaza

“Yemeni Houthi rebels attacked the Liberian-flagged, Swiss-owned container ship Sky II en route to Djibouti.” I am not aware that neither Switzerland nor Liberia nor Djibouti has ever participated in any way in the ongoing conflict in Gaza have participated. Defense Minister Guido Crosetto points this out to


USA, fired two missiles aimed at merchant ships in the Red Sea

US Centcom said it conducted self-defense strikes against two anti-ship missiles that “posed an imminent threat to merchant vessels and US Navy vessels in the region” of the Red Sea. “These measures – explains a note – are carried out to protect freedom of navigation and make international waters safer for American merchant vessels and military vessels.”


Houthis hit MSC container ship, fire on board

Yemeni Houthi rebels attacked the Liberian-flagged, Swiss-owned container ship MSC Sky II en route to Djibouti. A fire broke out on board, which was then extinguished by the crew. However, the commander announced that there were no injuries on board. Centcom made the announcement, saying two missiles were fired against the ship 91 nautical miles southeast of Aden. The first landed in the water, while the second hit the container ship and caused damage. The ship now continues on its course.