Israel Hamas conflict 18 of 175 Israeli soldiers killed in

Israel Hamas conflict: 18 of 175 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza killed by “friendly fire”

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Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip. ISRAELI ARMY / AFP

Overall, 17% of soldiers killed were due to operational errors, according to the latest IDF data.

According to the IDF, since the Israeli army's ground operation in the Gaza Strip began on October 27, 29 of the 175 Hebrew soldiers killed in the Palestinian enclave were killed in action due to errors made by their own army on Monday, January 1, and by the Israeli media passed on. This response, aimed at “eradicating Hamas,” follows the terrorist group's deadly attack in Israel on October 7, which authorities said killed more than 1,140 people, mostly civilians.

This represents about 17% of the Israeli army's losses. Specifically, 18 of the deaths were due to friendly fire, two were due to “fire not aimed at them,” and nine were due to accidents such as “tanks running over soldiers they did not see, walls falling on soldiers.” , or mistakes.” with explosives during the demolition preparations against Hamas,” specifies the Jerusalem Post. On average, between two and six soldiers have been killed each week since the ground offensive began.

Urban combat gives the defenders an advantage

In Palestinian territory, which has been under Israeli blockade since 2007, IDF soldiers face the dangers of urban warfare. Urban fighting gives defenders an advantage, and Hamas soldiers can rely on the “Gaza Tunnel,” the vast network of underground galleries, to hide and set up ambushes.

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