Israel: “Hamas operates from Khan Yunis hospitals”

Hamas operates “in and around the Nasser and Al-Amal hospitals in Khan Yunis” in the southern Gaza Strip. The Israeli army denounced this, saying “Hamas' systematic use of hospitals has been repeatedly documented.” In this regard, the military spokesman recalled that two weeks ago “the army radar identified a missile launch from inside the Nasser hospital compound.” “The facts on the ground – he explained – refute the blatant misinformation that has spread in the last 72 hours that hospitals are under siege or attack.”

The Army added that it is “liaising by telephone and on site with hospital directors and medical staff to ensure hospitals can remain operational and accessible.” The military spokesman said there was “no obligation to evacuate hospitals.” “On the contrary, it was reiterated,” he stressed, “how important it is to protect and protect these hospitals so that they can continue to offer medical services to the population of Gaza.” The soldiers had – according to the same source – been informed that “Before deploying against Hamas in this area, caution should be exercised in the area of ​​designated hospitals and shelters.” “Gaza residents who wish to move out of Nasser and Al-Amal hospitals, which many have chosen to do, can go through the Al-Bahar Street corridor, which is located on the western side of the hospitals,” the military spokesman said. “The army disseminated this information in Arabic through media channels and distributed leaflets in Arabic in the region, as well as through Arabic-speaking IDF soldiers stationed on the ground in Gaza to maintain contact with the local population.” The IDF, he concluded continued “coordination with hospital directors, medical staff and international organizations. So far, the hospitals' requests have been fulfilled and we have not found any incident that confirms the inaccurate news circulating in some sections of the media.”

“There is no difference between men, women, the elderly and children. “All are legitimate targets to shoot at or prisoners of war”: this is the advice that Hamas militants receive from their Shura Council (the political-religious guide). Israeli public television Kan reported this, citing a document seized by the army at a Hamas base in Gaza. “The entire Zionist society – we read – is a collective of settlers responsible for land theft, massacres and desecration of Islamic holy sites.” According to the broadcaster, “Hamas' cruelty had a religious background, it was planned from the beginning.” .

New protest in Kerem Shalom blocks the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip

Dozens of people blocked the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip at the Israeli Kerem Shalom border crossing for the third day in a row. The organizers of the protest, which included relatives of the hostages, denounced that “no help will arrive until the last of the abductees is released.”

China “very concerned about escalation in Red Sea”

China is “deeply concerned” about the sharp rise in tensions in the Red Sea, whose waters are “an important international trade channel for goods and energy.” When asked about press reconstructions related to requests for help from Chinese officials to their Iranian counterparts to slow Houthi attacks and not risk jeopardizing trade relations between Beijing and Tehran, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin urged “those interested Parties to avoid adding fuel to manage the tensions and work together to ensure the safety of shipping in accordance with the law.

Tajani, let's work for peace and the release of the hostages

“We are friends of Israel, which must live in peace and serenity. Israel has suffered an unimaginable attack: mothers raped, a child put in an oven… Israel must defeat Hamas, which is the new Gestapo, they are the new SS.” But Israel must pay close attention to the civilian population in Gaza. We do not share some Israeli positions, we are for two peoples and two states, but we are friends of Israel and we give them good advice. To the leaders of the Palestinian National I told the authority I met yesterday to continue to work for peace, they support the release of all hostages without any compensation. I send a message to everyone: work for peace and the release of all hostages who are suffering unprecedented violence.” This was said by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani in his speech at Mattino Cinque on Canale 5.

Ministry of Health Gaza, over 26,000 Palestinians killed

According to the latest data from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry, at least 26,083 Palestinians have been killed and 64,487 injured by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip since the war began. Al Jazeera reports on it. According to the same source, at least 183 people were killed and 377 injured in the last 24 hours.

Israel, “significant US pressure to release hostages”

“The pressure from the USA is of great importance in the efforts to return the hostages,” said Defense Minister Yoav Gallant in a conversation with his US counterpart Lloyd Austin. Gallant pointed out to him that Hezbollah's refusal to withdraw its forces “from the border” with Lebanon “reduces the possibility of a political solution, even though Israel supports this position.”

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