Israel media Hundreds of Palestinians are working on the wall

Israel, media: Hundreds of Palestinians are working on the wall to the Gaza Strip Latest news

Hundreds of Palestinian workers from the West Bank are working in Israel to help build a new barrier along the Gaza Strip border, despite the Israeli security cabinet banning them from doing so, the Ynet news site reports, citing reports and testimony from Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers who are stationed in the area.

According to Ynet, Palestinian workers are engaged in engineering work on breakthroughs in the fence, which was damaged in dozens of places at the start of the war against Hamas. Israel's Defense Ministry responded to the reports by saying that only four Palestinians are working on the project, stating that it hires contractors “in accordance with security guidelines, classification and sensitivity of the work” and that the workers are drawn from a group of Palestinian workers was granted “approval to work on essential projects” for Israel.

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