Israel Thousands Take to the Streets to Demand Netanyahu39s Resignation

Israel, Thousands Take to the Streets to Demand Netanyahu's Resignation: 'He Who Destroys Will Not Build' The Video

Thousands of people are demonstrating in Tel Aviv this evening to demand the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu's government, the dissolution of the Knesset and the calling of new elections. “Return the warrant. “Whoever divides will not unite, whoever destroys will not build, whoever destroys will not create,” Yonatan Shamriz, brother of one of the three hostages accidentally killed by the Israeli army in Gaza last month, said on stage in Habima square. Another demonstration, also attended by family members of the hostages, took place yesterday evening in Caesarea in front of the Prime Minister's house. Haaretz reports that a family friend told protesters that Netanyahu's wife, Sara, was extremely tired and in tears.

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