Israeli special forces raid a hospital in Jenin. Disguised as patients, doctors and nurses…

They came in dress up of Palestinian refugees, men with long beards And traditional clothingone even in the wheelchair and another column medical white coatAnd veiled women. They entered the hospital Ibn Sina From Jenin and after identifying the targets, they unleashed the Guns and opened fire, killing three people. The Israeli elite troops In their search, they searched the hospital facility, the army explains Tel Avivby three members of extremist groups West Bank who was executed: Mohammed Jalamneha “terrorist of Hamas” who “planned an October 7th-inspired attack,” Mohammed Ghazawi “an employee of the Jenin battalions“He’s his brother.”Basel Ghazawiof Islamic Jihad“.

Images from the facility's surveillance cameras and photos of those present show the hospital as Battlefield. Men and women with rifles in their arms and blood-soaked cots presumably eliminated targets. The army said Jalameh “had contacts with Hamas headquarters abroad.” He had also moved Weapons and ammunition to terrorists to encourage armed attacks.” To justify the raid on a hospital facility, they added for a long time: “The suspects hid in hospitals and used them as a base for planning terrorist activities and terrorist attacks, believing that the exploitation of hospitals served to protect them from Israelis.” Security measures to combat terrorism. This is another cynical example of terrorist organizations using civilian areas and hospitals as sanctuaries and human shields.”

An operation that deals a serious blow to the Palestinian armed groups, not so much because of the losses, but because of the way it was carried out, in the heart of one of the largest and most radical refugee camps in the West Bank, where many leaders of most exist extremist factions. Not surprisingly, Hamas has promised to eliminate the “crimes of the Israeli army.” they will not remain unanswered” and said that this latest episode is nothing but the “sequel to.” Crime in progress through the occupation against our people Gaza in Jenin.” They explained that one of the people killed was in the facility because he was injured and was being treated. So in your opinion it was an execution.

Of the three men, Hamas confirmed that one was a member of the organization and another was part of the Jenin Brigade. The third was also a Palestinian fighter. The militia members, the leaders of the armed party promised, “will neither be intimidated by the murders nor weakened by the crimes.” cowardly enemy“.

Meanwhile, Palestinian civilians continue to die Gaza Strip. “Dozens of people were killed and injured Israeli airstrikes over Gaza City on Monday,” writes the official Palestinian news agency Wafa. Witnesses said 25 people were killed and others injured in the Israeli bombing of a family home in the neighborhood al-Tuffah, east of Gaza City.

According to the journalist Khader Zaanounwho witnessed the arrival of the victims and contacted CNN via text message from the hospital, many injured people were brought thereAl-Shifa Hospital. Zaanoun said in recent days that Israeli forces had “invaded” the country Al Rimal district from Gaza City “from several directions” and surrounded him, including Al-Shifa Hospital. “Ambulances are having great difficulty moving and operating due to the bombing artillery and the siege by Israeli forces.”

Yesterday, the Israeli army's official report announced that a military aircraft had “hit two building complexes and eliminated armed terrorists,” that soldiers had killed five more terrorists and were “preparing to attack nearby soldiers.”Al Amal Hospital“. The army had also reported the discovery of a weapons cache and that clashes had broken out north of Gaza.

The armed forces subsequently announced the discovery of one tunnel under the Bani Suheila Cemetery “used by Hamas to direct attacks against the army.” Inside the tunnel, our troops eliminated terrorists and located explosives, blast-proof doors, an office – where a Hamas battalion commander handled the October 7 massacre – and a command center – and control center as well as other terrorist infrastructures.”