Israel's trial in The Hague continues, bombs on Striscia continue

Attacks by the Houthi rebels on ships in the Red Sea cause additional monthly costs in the double-digit million range for the shipping company Hapag-Lloyd. “They significantly influence the entire industry and ourselves,” a company spokesman told the Funke Group newspapers today. The spokesman did not assess the international military attacks by the USA and Great Britain against the positions of the Houthi rebels: “However, we welcome the measures that make passage through the Red Sea safe again.”

Ships from Germany's largest container shipping company have been avoiding the Suez Canal since December because of rebel attacks. The delays caused by the diversion around the Cape of Good Hope are immense. For the USA “one week more, Europe up to two weeks more, the Eastern Mediterranean 18 days more,” said the shipping company spokesman.

Hapag-Lloyd is interested in 183 ships including partnerships. The result is additional monthly costs in the double-digit million range: “The decision as to whether and how things will continue will be made next Monday.” Around 10% of world trade is carried out via the Red Sea. The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea, providing the shortest sea route between Asia and Europe. Since the Gaza war broke out between Israel and the Islamist Hamas, the Houthis have repeatedly attacked ships with alleged Israeli connections in the Red Sea.