It is seen at dusk Loneliness of a depopulated country

“It is seen at dusk (Loneliness of a depopulated country)”

Silvio Orlando is the absolute protagonist of the program “Si nota all’imbrunire (Solitude in a depopulated country)” that will be broadcast on Rai 5 on Saturday May 13 at 9:15 p.m. The theatrical text was written by Lucia Calamaro, who is also directing. His children Alice, Riccardo and Maria have arrived in Silvio’s country house, at the beginning of the depopulated village where he has been living alone for three years. Also the older brother Roberto. A weekend. In his loneliness, Silvio contracted a whole series of delusions, the worst of all: he no longer wants to walk. You don’t want to get up. He wants to sit and live as much as possible. And alone. For the kids, who haven’t worried too much about it so far, it’s about deciding what to do, how to care for them, and how to move them out of this position that’s a metaphor for their state of mind: the is that of a person who lives alongside existence and no longer in reality. Here and there there is empathy, distance and showdowns. Silvio’s family members visited him for mass on the tenth anniversary of his wife’s death. There is something to commemorate, to say, to organize speeches. What is certain is that in Silvio’s head, due to his isolation, a certain confusion between wishes and reality sets in, without anyone who denies it in everyday life, life can be exactly as one imagines it. Up to a point.
Also in the cast are Vincenzo Nemolato, Roberto Nobile, Alice Redini and Maria Laura Rondanini. Stage design by Roberto Crea, costumes by Ornella and Marina Campanale, lighting by Umile Vainieri. Editorial Project Felice Cappa, TV Director Daniela Vismara, Executive Producer Serena Semprini, Editing: Giulia Morelli.