It turned out to be a lie: she is the Colombian who claimed to be working on a Golden Globe winning film El País Cali

In the last few days, a story went viral on social networks after it was revealed that the Barranquilla Geraldine Fernández Ruiz assured that she participated in the illustration of the prestigious film The boy and the heron, but apparently it all turned out to be a lie.

It was recently announced that the young woman from Barranquilla was allegedly part of the illustrator team of the film, which is scheduled to be released on January 25th has influenced the world of international cinema and was even nominated for Best Film at the awards Golden Globes.

Geraldine Fernández Ruiz assured that she participated in the prestigious film “The Boy and the Heron”. | Photo: Taken by X @leonarfabio

This man became a global phenomenon in the world of cinema after dethroning Disney Illustration industry after winning the Oscar for Best Animated Film with the famous film Magically gone, in 2023.

Geraldine Fernández even claimed that her work at the famous illustration studio was so outstanding that the work team called her “the Colombian.” He also claimed that he communicated with Hayao Miyazaki via a Meet video call.

Hayao Miyazaki, creator of the famous film Spirited Away. | Photo: Getty Images

This is what the woman from Barranquilla saidShe took more than 25,000 images for the film, but assures that her name will not appear in the film's credits. Therefore, his story managed to attract the attention of important entertainment figures in Colombia. However, her title as illustrator remains a mystery to this day.

According to Geraldine's story, she attended the Golden Globe Awards and took the opportunity to say thank you He received support from the company Tecnoglass and its owner, the entrepreneur Christian Daes, where he is currently working for six months.

Given all this controversy, Geraldine's story seemed to be one of national pride, but in retrospect it all turned out to be a lie A tweet was heard on the X social network that exposed the deception of the Barranquilla woman to all of Colombia.

The Boy and the Heron | Photo: Cine Colombia

In this way and after learning the true story of the young woman, Christian himself Daes explained that he also believed in Geraldine's story and therefore supported her and apologized for not investigating her story further.

For her part, Geraldine took part in a Twitch area where she remained in her version and She explained that her story was real and that she was going to prove that she was an illustrator and that she would demand all the certificates to prove it.