Italian Influencer Exposes Tourist Scam in Cartagena Were You Even

Italian Influencer Exposes Tourist Scam in Cartagena: Were You Even Charged for Inquiring?

Italian Influencer Exposes Tourist Scam in Cartagena Were You Even

The Italian influencer Zazza conducted a strange experiment on the beaches of Cartagena. The well-known travel YouTuber traveled to the beach of Big mouth Like any other tourist, he analyzed how much he could spend per day based on the amounts the merchants wanted to charge him. The amounts are unusual and attracted the attention not only of Internet users but also of the authorities, who questioned the veracity of the content.

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Are tourists being scammed on Cartagena's beaches?: Zazza's controversial video

Right at the beginning of the video, before you even get to it Big mouththe local who answered for directions to the beach had already charged him a tip Zazza for the answer. The Italian accepted and thus began his experiment in Cartagena. In the video, the YouTuber opted for a variation on the theme, moving away from his usual dives into the most dangerous areas of the world to address the danger of being a tourist on the beach. Although there are “no killers or crazy people” on these beaches, as he comments in the video, there are many opportunities to suffer from the exploitation of the traders.

The influencer's first interaction in Big mouth He went with two women who offered him a massage, they barely saw him. Then a subject offered him a “promotion” to ride a jet ski for 180,000 pesos per half hour. When the Italian pointed out that the price was too high, the dealer counter-offered with an offer of 120,000 pesos and a request “not to tell anyone.”

At the end of the massage treatment Zazza He received a price table that ranged from 60,000 to 200,000 pesos. However, in the end they asked him for 50,000.

The Italian's last issues before his departure Big mouth There was a beer for 10,000 pesos and 50,000 pesos to listen to some musicians he didn't ask to play.

The final amount of his stay on the beach in Cartagena was 150,000 pesos. “Be very careful because what happened to me today could happen to them, they take all their money. It is true that they offered me their services and I accepted them, they did not take it (the money) out of my pocket, but if they are a little careless or don't know how to say no, maybe they will take 100, 200, 300,000 pesos from them in nothing, in half an hour,” the social media personality advised at the end of his video.

Cartagena authorities respond to Zazza over a video about beach scams

The virality and content of the video have prompted the same government officials Cartagena They respond to the influencer. “I want you to be reassured that all checks are being carried out. This video is nothing more than a farce and a deception for all Cartagena residents,” he explained. Bruno HernándezSecretary of the Government of Cartagena, to “Noticias Caracol”.

Additionally, Joaquin Arrieta, a mime who appears in Zazza's video, reacted to the video's content. “I am a screenwriter, I am an audiovisual producer and I am a recognized actor. “Please retract and demand a legal apology from Cartagena, Colombia and the people involved in your malicious video,” he said.