Italian ports closed Ocean Viking turns to France

Italian ports closed, “Ocean Viking” turns to France

You’ve been at sea for a week. The humanitarian ships Ocean Viking, Humanity 1 and Géo Barents, which have a total of 985 shipwrecked migrants on board, are looking for a port to disembark.

Traditionally, landings have taken place in Italy, whose ports are closest to the rescue zone off the coast of Libya. But since Giorgia Meloni came to power and formed a far-right government, her requests to disembark have been met with inadmissibility.

“The situation on board the Ocean Viking is seriously deteriorating. The weather forecast predicts strong winds, high waves and a drop in temperature by the end of the week. And supplies are running out,” warns the Marseille-based SOS Méditerranée humanitarian ship in a press release.

Faced with this situation, they ask the other Europeans of the western Mediterranean, France, Spain and Greece, to help coordinate efforts that will allow the ship to find a safe port to disembark.

The NGO estimates that at least 20,000 women, children and men have died in the central Mediterranean since 2014 and the start of this migration crisis.