It’s official: Title 42 ends in United States with harsh warning to migrants: ‘The borders are not open’


Police presence at the border has doubled and migrant reception centers are overcrowded.


As expected, the United States has ended Title 42, a controversial reform that allowed for immediate deportations related to the coronavirus pandemic. with a clear message from the Minister of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas: “The borders are not open.”

“Starting tonight Persons who arrive at the border without a legal route are not entitled to asylum. “We stand ready to humanely convict and deport people who have no legal basis to remain in the United States,” the official said.

Far from bringing relief, his tenure has sowed confusion and frustration on the Mexican side of the border, which in turn has increased surveillance at the border with the United States on orders from the Andrés Manuel López Obrador administration.

The images are worrying: on Wednesday, May 10 alone, 11,000 people entered the United States while the country’s migrant reception centers are taking in those who have applied for asylum leave without having made an appointment for the interview In doing so, they will attempt to demonstrate that they have a legal basis to remain in the country.

And it is that Democratic President Joe Biden’s administration has taken action on this matter to halt the eventual “chaotic” arrival of migrants at the border with Mexico. in the context of the 2024 presidential election campaign.

Across the border, in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, hundreds of people are waiting outside Gate 42 (the only one currently open in the area) to enter the United States to begin the asylum process, despite US authorities We have been warning for weeks that many of these applications will be rejected due to the new requirements that will apply from now on.

In Florida, however, a federal judge blocked that plan in the state after the area’s attorney general, Ashley Moody, is applying for emergency permission to release migrants who have not yet scheduled their visitwithout following them.

The US National Guard has continued to erect barbed wire fences to prevent future border crossings, while another AFP journalist saw heavy US machinery at the height of Matamoros The ground was paved to lay barbed wire, forcing people to seek clear sections.

As of this Friday, arriving migrants are subject to Title 8, which has already been applied.

That is, when someone arrives without meeting the requirements for an asylum application “In the event of illegal entry, there are more serious consequences.”including a re-entry ban of at least five years and possible criminal prosecution,” warned Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas.

With information from AFP and Europa Press.

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