Its perfect Artist Reveals What Daphne From ScoobyDoo Would Look

It’s perfect! Artist Reveals What Daphne From ‘ScoobyDoo’ Would Look Like If She Were A Real Person Online Series

ScoobyDoo drawing

Photo Playback/Warner Bros. Animation

The American “ScoobyDoo” franchise was founded by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears and originally produced by HannaBarbera.

The drawing has become very popular and depicts the adventures of four teenagers named Fred, Velma, Daphne and Shaggy who team up with the mastiff ScoobyDoo to investigate haunted houses and alleged ghost apparitions.

They follow clues that usually lead them to the conclusion of a mystery and show that most of the time not everything is supernatural.

What many don’t know is that Frank Sinatra’s song “Strangers in the Night” inspired the naming of the cartoon.

In a snippet of the song, the singer sings “dooby dooby doo,” which has become the main character’s trademark.

One of the public’s favorite characters is Daphne Blake. As a member of Mistério SA, she is characterized by her red hair and her clothes, which are always fashionable and follow the latest market trends.

Though not as smart as Velma, Daphne always manages to solve problems with her personal touch. Artist Hidreley Diao decided to show what the character would look like if she had human traits.

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The result was perfect and the artist managed to extract in the drawing all the physical features that made her famous, like her hair color and even her famous tiara.