Jaime Bayly says goodbye with an emotional message from Diego

Jaime Bayly says goodbye with an emotional message from Diego Bertie: “Devastated and with infinite sadness”

After more than a week since the death of Diego Bertiethe TV presenter Jaime Bayly He broke his silence and spoke through a column entitled “El Puente de los Candados” in which he implied that his last words were for the outstanding actor.

In his extensive column on La Nación’s website, Jaime Bayly, using the pseudonym “Barclays”, recounted details of his recent trip through Germany with his wife Silvia Núñez and their young daughter.

What caught everyone’s attention the most was the last few lines of this column in which he refers to who the man he was in a relationship with would have been, Diego Bertie. As he said, he couldn’t contain his sadness and shed some tears when he saw a padlock with the initials “D” and “J”.

“A tour of the city, a walk on the pedestrian bridge over the Main, observing the hundreds of padlocks that lovers have left hanging on this bridge, with their names engraved on the locks as incorruptible promises of love, Barclays saw a padlock with the initials “D” and “J” and, moved, devastated by a sadness that will not subside, a pain that will never end, he shed a few secret tears without his wife or daughter noticed it‘ he noted in his column.

As you may recall, Jaime Bayly and Diego Bertie had a secret relationship that was confirmed years later. The singer told his truth in an interview for Magaly TV, the firm, where he not only made his sexual orientation public, but also admitted that he had an affair with the writer more than 30 years ago.

In this interview, Diego Bertie made it clear that he prefers to stay away from Jaime Bayly and not talk about him anymore. It should be noted that the actor died on August 5 after falling from the balcony of his apartment on the 14th floor of his building in the Miraflores district.