James Bond books stripped of racist terms

James Bond books stripped of racist terms

Author Ian Fleming’s books about the world of British spy James Bond have been redacted of terms deemed racist in new editions due out in April.

According to The Telegraph, the James Bond book series has been written in keeping with 21st-century values.

The novels published by Ian Fleming between 1951 and 1966 contain several stereotypes or terms that might be considered offensive in 2023, hence the decision of the publisher, Ian Flemings Publications Ltd, to change the lyrics.

This replaced an offensive term regularly used to refer to black people. Also, several clarifications regarding the ethnicity of characters have been removed or changed to make them more socially acceptable.

Racist reflections that Ian Fleming bestowed on his hero have also been modified or withdrawn.

The books will also carry a warning to readers, the Telegraph pointed out: “This book was written at a time when terms and attitudes that are now considered offensive were commonplace. A number of updates have been made in this edition, while remaining as faithful as possible to the original text and the period in which it is set.