Japan Death toll continues to rise after earthquake

03/01/2024 03:25 (current 03/01/2024 03:30)

The full extent of the destruction remains unclear ©APA/AFP

The death toll from strong earthquakes off the west coast of Japan continued to rise. At least 62 people have died in badly affected Ishikawa Prefecture, television station NHK reported on Wednesday morning (local time). In cities such as Wajima, Suzu and Noto on the Noto Peninsula, numerous homes were destroyed or fell victim to fires. The full extent of the destruction has not yet been recorded, NHK reported.

The region has been hit by more than 150 aftershocks since the powerful 7.6 magnitude quake on New Year's Day. Strong earthquakes also kept people on the Noto Peninsula in suspense on Wednesday. Many residents spent another night in emergency camps.