Javier Milei calls Gustavo Petros a murderous communist

Javier Milei calls Gustavo Petros a “murderous communist

Javier Milei speaks to supporters on the balcony of Casa Rosada after the inauguration on December 10th.| Photo: EFE/Enrique García Medina

Colombia recalled this Friday (26) its ambassador to Argentina, Camilo Romero, after Argentine President Javier Milei called President Gustavo Petro a “murderous communist” in an interview with a Colombian journalist. “Colombia is sinking,” the Argentine president added.

“Due to the circumstances created by the Argentine President’s words, the Colombian government is immediately calling Ambassador Camilo Romero, Colombia’s representative in that country, for consultations,” the Colombian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Romero criticized the Argentine president. “Milei is a hypocrite. While asking our government to approve its new ambassador to Colombia, he calls the president a murderer,” he posted on social media. “We can think differently, but the region and the historical brotherhood of our people must rise above all differences,” he added, recalling that Milei “had already attacked Lula in Brazil and even Pope Francis.”

It's not the first exchange of barbs. Last year, Milei told Colombian radio that “socialists are garbage” and “human excrement” when asked about Petros. The Colombian president responded by comparing Milei to Hitler. He then said the Argentine's victory was a “sad moment for Latin America.”

In the interview with the Colombian journalist, Milei also said that Chilean President Gabriel Boric is “someone who has the wrong ideas.” Former US President Donald Trump is “one of the leaders of freedom against global socialism”. As for the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, Milei is “someone who, despite all odds, managed to fulfill his government program.”

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