1705052210 Jennifer Lawrence39s most stressful day and the pleading she made

Jennifer Lawrence's most stressful day and the pleading she made to Robert de Niro La Patilla

Jennifer Lawrence39s most stressful day and the pleading she madeActress Jennifer Lawrence talked about her big wedding and surprised with her statements

On October 19, 2019, Jennifer married Lawrence Cooke Maroney, an art dealer who fell completely in love with her. The wedding was supposed to be a dream: it took place in the old Belcourt Castle on a private island in Rhode Island, it had a spectacular Dior design, and it was attended by more than 150 guests, including well-known Hollywood personalities. , and everyone enjoyed a great banquet. However, the Hunger Games actress doesn't have the best memories of that day or the preparations. As he revealed on the Golden Globe red carpet, it was one of the most stressful nights of his life and he even had to beg Robert De Niro to make him feel better.

For the nation

The revelation came last Sunday during a conversation between Lawrence, who was nominated in the Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical category for her work in “Do Me El Favour,” with the journalist from E! “You're married? Have you ever been a girlfriend?” “It's so stressful,” Lawrence responded to a question from the reporter and immediately began talking about how bad things had been for her that day. “It's very stressful getting married “You didn't have a good time. They think if the guests are having fun, if they're hungry…” he was honest.

At the time, Lawrence explained that she also had a bad time at the rehearsal dinner and admitted that she was so worried about De Niro that she asked him to go home. “At one point I looked up and saw Bob, who didn't know anyone, hanging around,” he recalled, referring to the famous actor with whom he worked in “The Bright Side of Life,” “American Hustle” and “Joy.” : the name of the success and with whom she shares a deep friendship. “I immediately thought, 'No, that's not what he wants to do.' “I don’t want him here,” he remembers. “I walked up to him and whispered to him, 'Go home.' He was nice, he talked to my parents and was polite, but I repeated to him, 'Go away,'” he continued. When De Niro left, things changed for the actress. “It really made me feel better,” he added.

“Being a bride is terrible,” the actress explained of the wedding celebration. “I'll never forget going crazy because the guests were cold and my friends lied to me. They told me, “No one is cold, everything is fine,” and my mother told me, “It’s freezing out there, your grandmother almost died,” she concluded with a laugh. This is the first time Lawrence has spoken openly about their wedding day and revealed details of that night's intimacy.

The big day

Although the couple is very reserved and does not post any joint content on social networks – Lawrence does not have an Instagram and Maroney has a private profile related to his art gallery – information about the ceremony surfaced after the wedding. The party had 150 guests including Adele, Emma Stone, Ashley Olsen and Kris Jenner.

The actress and her husband decided to delight their friends with a culinary feast: first there was an outdoor barbecue with meat, fish and vegetables. As People reported, another surprise arrived for guests around midnight: A food truck pulled up to the farm and offered everyone a wide selection of burgers and fries.

As for the evening's look, the Oscar winner never shared photos of her Dior dress having its own hotel room before the big day, but paparazzi photos showed a sequined neckline. For his part, Maroney opted for a classic tuxedo.


Lawrence also had some sense of regret. That's what she said to herself on her first wedding anniversary. The memory came about during a conversation with Dear Media Absolutely Not podcast's Heather McMahan, when the journalist asked her what she did to celebrate the end of her single days. “I have to admit that I regret not having planned something bigger,” he shot.

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