Jennifer Lopez models the nude French acrylic nails that will

Jennifer Lopez models the nude French acrylic nails that will be trending in 2023 Panorama

At Panorama we know that a perfect manicurea is not an easy task, especially when you want to have a much more elegant style, so let the inspire you French acrylic nails naked, that will be Trend 2023 and who have modeled recently Jennifer Lopez.

When we thought that the nails with bright colors would be the favorites of the season, we recently discovered that there are some much more down-to-earth styles that define us look dazzling. The good news is that the Bronx diva is showing us just how good looking she is.

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JLo uses the natural French nails that rejuvenate hands

Through her manicurist’s Instagram account, the celebrity has modeled the most ideal nails to make you look sophisticated. On this occasion he chosegolden smearswith a lightning above. Our recommendation is that you recreate this alternative over the next few weeks. We love her!

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JLo uses natural French nails that rejuvenate her hands. Photo: IG

How to do the manicure that JLo uses at home?


  • emails transparent and golden
  • rhinestones Silver.
  • nail clippers.
  • nail file.
  • Nail polish.


  • Cut off excess skin for effect manicure.
  • Having to give Lima and structure unity in the hands.
  • Apply a coat of gold nail polish to the ends.
  • Add a transparent nail polish.
  • place a stone in front.
  • Ready! Show your hand look.

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