Jeremy Demay comments on his exploded parody on Bye Bye

Jeremy Demay comments on his exploded parody on “Bye Bye 2023” –

Bye Bye 2023 gave us a number of excellent parodies, but one of the most striking is that of Jeremy Demay by Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais.

The young comedian gave a fantastic performance in the review of the year, in particular by imitating Jeremy Demay in his commercials for Meubles RD, which was renamed Meuble RDgeu for the occasion.

“You don't live in the store” is the phrase that the Bye Bye team highlighted to make fun of the furniture store's spokesperson. It has to be said that the parody is really successful. It was all there, from the distinctive toupee to the accent and the key phrases.

We always like it when those being parodied react to their parody. This was the case of Jeremy Demay, who posted a message the day after the last broadcast of Bye Bye 2023.

He writes: “Kudos to the entire production of Bye-bye, it was excellent.”

The impeccable imitation of Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais deserves special mention. I laughed hard! I even wrote to him that he is better than me in myself 😂 Admit that he looks deliciously like me! »

We also like it when the people being parodied turn out to be good players, as is the case here! Bravo to Jeremy Demay for his sense of mockery.

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Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais was part of several important Bye Bye numbers, including the opening number, which allowed us to discover a real catchy tune. Likewise, his imitation of Marc-Antoine Dequoy, who caused a reaction with his heated interview after the Alouettes' Gray Cup win, was absolutely perfect! We take our hats off to the actor, who we hope to find in several other editions of the annual review.

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Jeremy Demay continues the Quebec tour of his solo exhibition entitled Naturel. Details can be found here.