Jeremy Demay had never polarized before Big Brother

Jérémy Demay had never polarized before “Big Brother”.

From the beginning of his career, Jérémy Demay had always presented the image of a good guy, nice and rather calm. But with his brief participation in the reality show Big Brother CelebritiesRather, the comedian has revealed a very intense side to the public, which has garnered him some criticism. A few months after the end of his adventure, the comedian, who will start his third solo show in a few days, NaturallyShe looks back on this remarkable experience.

They retired this winter Big Brother Celebrities after just a week. Did you expect a longer participation?

“In fact, as soon as I walked in, I realized I didn’t want to stay there long. I really liked it as an experience, but the time is long! We spend 17 hours a day doing nothing. A day equals a week. I told everyone: three months, forget it! Somewhere there is a part of me that wishes I could have stayed longer. But not for too long. »

We saw an intense side of you on the shows. Did the editing surprise you?

“What we’re seeing on TV is a 20-minute montage of what you went through in 48 hours. The production takes what it wants because it’s a show. But they don’t show everything. They showed me the intense side and the fact that I played a lot. But there are long moments in the day when I just chatted with people. But that was uninteresting. »

“Intensity is part of me and I brought it into the game. The production took those moments and I look like a guy walking around like a headless chicken!” I don’t think I’d ever polarized before. I told that to Mariana Mazza and it’s a little Monday morning for her before she breaks out her toast. [rires] But I never polarized. It’s the first time in my life. […] I used to be afraid of telling myself that people wouldn’t like me anymore if they saw a side of me other than the good. But in the end it did me good as a person. »

If there’s one person who was happy at home with two young children that you’d get back from the adventure quickly, is it your spouse?

“Actually! She had accepted that I would be on this show because it is wonderful, but with the two babies at home it was difficult for her [ils ont 3 ans et 9 mois]. When I came back, I could take care of my fatherhood. »

How will your summer be?

“There are many shows. Are the tickets selling well? I have no idea ! I never look at numbers. Seems like I don’t want to watch this every week. […] Otherwise, I rediscovered the joy of creating for the web for the first time in 10 years. I bought a camera and I want to create many things. […] I’m happy to be able to start a third show again. I’m happy to find the public. I like to create. »

Jérémy Demay will present his show Naturally May 17th and 27th at the Olympia in Montreal. He will also play at the Salle Albert-Rousseau in Quebec City from June 1-3. For all appointments: