1674663087 Jeremy Renner tried to save his nephew when he was

Jeremy Renner tried to save his nephew when he was in an accident, police say Splash

Jeremy Renner was run over by his own snow plow while trying to avoid the vehicle running over his nephew, according to a police report from Washoe County, Nevada, in the United States.

The actor told police he was helping his nephew with a pickup truck that got stuck in the snow. Then his own vehicle began to slide sideways. He jumped out of the machine and noticed the vehicle skid toward his nephew.

“Although the machine had mechanical problems, based on the mechanical inspection we believe the brake would prevent the machine from moving forward. When Renner attempted to stop or reverse the machine to avoid injuring his nephew, the machine pulled him under the conveyor belt and ran him over,” the document obtained by CNN said.

According to the report, the light that indicates whether the brake is on was not working. “The machine went over him and continued down the road. He lay on the ground concentrating on his breathing as he was rescued until paramedics arrived at the scene.”