Joe Biden pays tribute to Brian Mulroney

Joe Biden pays tribute to Brian Mulroney

US President Joe Biden joins the many voices paying tribute to Brian Mulroney since his death was announced on Thursday.

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“Jill and I join Canada in mourning the loss of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney,” he said in a statement.

Joe Biden highlighted Mr. Mulroney's work during the Clean Air Agreement as well as during the North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

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The American president also mentioned the former Canadian prime minister's contribution to protecting borders when he signed the NORAD agreement.

“Mulroney was courageous and unafraid to stand up for causes that were important to him, such as when he campaigned against racist apartheid in South Africa.

Joe Biden recalls working with Brian Mulroney when the current President of the United States sat on the Senate International Relations Committee.

“I have seen firsthand his commitment to the friendly relations between our two countries and his unconditional love for Canada and its people,” Mr. Biden wrote.