Johanne Blouin causes discomfort and criticism live at Zenith premiere

Johanne Blouin causes discomfort and criticism live at Zénith premiere – Vedette Québec

The first episode of the new Zénith show was broadcast on ICI Télé on Thursday.

After the live presentation, viewers gave their opinions on social networks. We can say that the reviews were quite mixed.

Some have noted Véronique Cloutier’s solid animation work, as well as Zénith’s original concept.

However, the show was criticized by netizens for containing many English songs. They would have preferred to hear more songs in French.

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Johanne Blouin was also singled out during the show when she caused some discomfort on live TV.

The 67-year-old singer was caught in the act by a cameraman’s lens.

Johanne was caught on camera unbeknownst to her while yawning during Jason Roy Léveillé’s performance.

Viewers did not miss this moment and they quickly noticed it on social networks.

Here’s a photo that somewhat demonstrates the moment in question:

Apparently, some people noticed the moment of discomfort caused by Johanne Blouin live on TV.

People were not afraid to give their opinion on Johanne Blouin’s actions.

That said, she put in quite a vocal performance during her performance

To be seen, Véronique Cloutier rose to prominence at the premiere of Zénith for her solid performance at the helm of the show, broadcast on ICI Télé. She also caused a stir with her look… Check out a photo of her look in the following article:

Véronique Cloutier shares her look for the first episode of her new show

Photo: Zenith Page (ICI Radio-Canada)