Johnny Marr doesn39t want Donald Trump to use his songs

Johnny Marr doesn't want Donald Trump to use his songs – TVA Nouvelles

Johnny Marr is not happy when he finds out a Smiths song was used at a Donald Trump campaign rally.

The former Republican president and current candidate for the Republican primary nomination clearly doesn't respect private property as much as he claims. In any case, it refers to the copyrights of the artists! His campaign team happily uses pieces of music without even bothering to ask permission.

Johnny Marr, the Smiths' guitarist, just experienced it. He was stunned to learn that his music was being misused by the Trump camp. A user clicks “Please let me get what I want”) as the crowd waits for the event to begin. The headline reads: “We’ll hear The Smiths at Trump rallies in 2024 more than we think.”

Sharing the message, the musician said he would put an end to the use of the group's songs by Donald Trump's campaign team at its political events. “Ahh… that's right… OK,” Marr wrote. I never thought this could happen. Definitely consider this thing over now. »

The Smiths' music was reportedly played at several events hosted by Donald Trump, including his recent rally in Laconia, New Hampshire, on Monday, as one user noted: “While Trump is scheduled to take the stage in Laconia, the new addition is in his.” The music before the rally is by The Smiths. »

Johnny Marr is not the first musician to speak out against the use of his songs at Trump rallies: Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones and Queen, among others, have all publicly voiced their objections.

Donald Trump won the Republican primary in New Hampshire on January 23 over his rival Nikki Haley, further consolidating his lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination ahead of the US election in November.