Jojo Todynhos exhusband sends a message to the singers current

Jojo Todynho’s exhusband sends a message to the singer’s current romance, and she surprises

Lucas Souza opens up on Jojo Todynho’s alleged romance. (Reproduction/Instagram/Bruno Ulivieri/AgNews)

Lucas Souza, Jojo Todynho’s exhusband, surprised him with his opinion on the alleged romance the singer would have with Renato Santiago. After telling her followers that she had dinner at her motherinlaw’s house last Sunday (7), Léo Dias revealed the identity of her new love.

After the public cant with the artist, Lucas assured Jojo that he was happy. The military also took the opportunity to send a message to Renato and did a sort of mea culpa.

“I’m very happy for her, I wish her lots of happiness and love!” Souza said in an interview with Metrópoles’ Fábia Oliveira. “And may this guy not make the same mistakes I did and make this woman as happy as she deserves!” God bless the couple so much.”

It all started when Jojo Todynho shared a story on Instagram saying he was at his motherinlaw’s house. “I came for dinner. Do you know where? In the house of the “motherinlaw”. I came for this little rice and beans that I love. I am forced to eat. If I don’t eat and talk as much, they will disown me,” she said.

Renato Santiago is named the new novel by Jojo Todynho. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

The rumors intensified when Leo Dias claimed she was dating Renato Santiago. Just like Lucas Souza before he married Jojo, he leads a discreet life and has a private profile on social networks. According to the columnist, the artist has been visiting Renato’s house in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro since March. She used to walk during the day, but she started walking at night to avoid being recognized.

Before the split was announced, Lucas had already expressed a desire to end the marriage, but backed out. Jojo Todynho and Lucas Souza made the end official in October 2022 and have been embroiled in some controversy during the divorce process.