Jonathan Kashanian forward for Celentano quotUnlikelyquot

Jonathan Kashanian, forward for Celentano: "Unlikely"

The case broke out with “one vote for San Marino”. Jonathan Kashanian. The review host wanted to give viewers a gag during the show. A curtain in which he imitated Molleggiato, Adriano Celentano. But things didn’t go right. Jonathan’s performance seemed weak and meaningless, according to the audience. In fact, many on Twitter have contested the decision to entrust Jonathan (ex Gieffino) with impersonating one of the undisputed icons of Italian music.

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The hashtag “Celentano” became trending on Twitter in minutes, with users outraged by Jonathan’s performance being mercilessly defined as “unthinkable.” Celentano is perhaps one of our country’s most imitated artists. His typical and special voice has even led to an infinite number of replicas in various television shows. But this time something seems to have gone wrong. And maybe in the future Jonathan will think twice before imitating Molleggiato. Who knows how Celentano will have taken that…

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