1706097023 Jorge Fossati is ready for his debut with the bicolor

Jorge Fossati is ready for his debut with the bicolor

Jorge Fossati is ready for his debut with the bicolor

Jorge Fossati will debut with the Peruvian diving team against Central American rivals in March, in preparation for the 2024 Copa América and the South American qualification 2026. Through their social networks, Bicolor confirmed that the first friendly match will take place on Friday March 22nd against Nicaragua and the second match on Tuesday March 26th against the Dominican Republic.

Both games are part of the first FIFA schedule of the year and are scheduled to be played in our country at 8:30 p.m. (Peruvian time). As already mentioned, the experienced strategist and his technical director have placed emphasis on these games taking place in Peru in order to “optimize the times”. Although there was talk of a European rival before the Uruguayan's arrival, this was ruled out.

Regarding the scenario for these friendly games, it is not yet clear at which venues the individual games will take place. The National Stadium of Lima will not be available and has not been used due to events already scheduled.

Against this background, the 71-year-old coach did not rule out the possibility of them playing in the season a few days ago Monumental stadium and Alejandro Villanueva (matute). The first would be played in La Victoria.

On the other hand, the manager of the national teams, Franco Navarro Mandayo, confirmed that Fossati is scheduled to travel to Europe to visit the Peruvian players who play on that continent. However, this will not take place in the coming days as the Uruguayan strategist will prioritize the start of the local championship. “It is not the right time because the focus is on the start of League 1 and the time until March is short. These trips can take place after the FIFA date in March.”