Jose Agustin This was the romance that the writer had

José Agustín: This was the romance that the writer had with Angélica María when he was married to Margarita Bermúdez

Amid the alarming health status of Joseph Augustine Fans have remembered some of the most important moments in the author's career and personal life, such as the steamy romance he had with the Actress Angelica Maria for which he was about to end his marriage Margarita Bermudezwho stayed by his side despite his confession unfaithful.

This is how the romance with Angélica María began

Both Angélica María and José Agustín shared details of their intense romance in their respective biographies. The singer explained that it all started in 1967 when she was reading “Profile”because he did not hesitate to look for the author to bring it to the big screen, although this did not happen, they continued to work together and so he wrote his works for the films “Cinco de Chocolate y Uno de Strawberry”. “Someone wants to kill us” and “I know who you are, I’ve been watching you.”

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Margarita Bermúdez and José Agustín remarried after infidelity. Photo: FB José Agustín Ramírez

Meanwhile, José Agustín narrated “Prison Rocks” that it all began suddenly and that he was fascinated by the actress's self-confidence and the fact that they shared tastes in music, cinema and literature: “She radiated grace and brilliance, she was very friendly, open and direct, but educated.” , tactful, prudent and discreet when necessary. It can be light, airy, mischievous, but at the same time of unimaginable depth.”

José Agustín confesses his infidelity to Margarita Bermúdez

It was the translator who, realizing how in love he was with this “Bride of Mexico” He confessed his infidelity to his wife Margarita Bermúdez, who immediately decided to separate and file for divorce. During this time, Agustín and Angélica María consolidated their romance, they even thought about living together, but it was the differences between them that soon became clear and the bad moments appeared and overshadowed the happiness that had overcome them until then.

Some time after his relationship with Angélica María ended and he began a new one with a woman named Pilar Bayona, José Agustín met Margarita Bermúdez again and they resumed their relationship and married for the second time in the United States.

The writer José Agustín had an intense romance with Angélica María. Photo: IG @angelicamariaoriginal