Juliano Cazarre asks for prayers for his daughter after heart

Juliano Cazarré asks for prayers for his daughter after heart surgery

Juliano Cazarré, 41, the Alcides of the soap opera “Pantanal” (TV Globo), shared on his Instagram a photo of his wife Letícia Cazarré with their newborn daughter Maria Guilhermina, to celebrate their daughter’s good recovery after an operation on the heart.

The child was born on June 21 with Ebstein’s anomaly, a rare congenital heart disease, and has been in the neonatal intensive care unit (ICU) for almost two weeks.

“We are still here alongside our little warrior, Maria Guilhermina. She will be two weeks old tomorrow. During this time there were many emotions and many advances. She has recovered well and in recent days she has won the congratulations of her medical friends,” he began.

The actor said the next step is extubation and asked for prayers for his little girl. “I ask that you pray for her that the extubation may be a success and that she responds well to the procedure. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who have prayed and sent loving messages wishing the recovery of our beloved little girl”

Cazarré also took the opportunity to deny rumors that he’d been fired from his role on the global soap opera, explaining that he’s been on furlough since his daughter was born.

“I only took a few days off to follow Guilhermina’s birth and early days. During that time I went back to Rio, recorded the soap opera, spent it at home, was very attached to Vicente, Inácio, Gaspar and Madalena. I returned to São Paulo yesterday and will be staying here for a few days, but soon I’ll be back to continue filming Pantanal,” he said.

The actor also thanked the medical team at the hospital in São Paulo where his daughter underwent surgery. “My eternal gratitude goes to the doctors, nurses and physiotherapists at Beneficência Portuguesa who saved our little daughter’s life and took such good care of her during this delicate time,” he said. “That’s all for now, friends. One day, soon, I’ll tell the whole story. Good week. Pray for our little one.
God pay them,” he added.

Juliano Cazarré and Letícia have four other children, Vicente (11), Inácio (9), Gaspar (2) and Maria Madalena (1).