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This Friday, the Videotron Center in Quebec City welcomed Star Académie's first cohort for a large-scale reunion show.

The then presenter Julie Snyder appeared at the beginning of the second part in a dress that she had worn 20 years earlier.

This was warmly received by the thousands of spectators who shouted her name loud and clear.

Always unpredictable, Julie Snyder announced to a crowded amphitheater that she was single again. She indicated that her good friend Geneviève Marcon was in the room. She is the owner of the Monsieur Jean Hotel on the corner of St-Jean and Pierre-Olivier-Chauveau streets in Quebec. “It’s the perfect place to make love,” she said brightly.

Julie Snyder had been dating the same man for several years. Her identity has not been publicly revealed, but the host often spoke about it in secret and even admitted that she received it at some point during her set of The Week of 4 Julie.

In addition to sharing her marital status on Friday evening, she also recalled that she bought the Star Académie format from the hands of the French in the early 2000s. Recall that she wanted to bring the singing competition back to the airwaves of Noovo a few years ago. years, but TVA eventually won the negotiations with Endemol.

When the deal closed in 2019 and she lost the rights to the show, she told us this: “I was disappointed and surprised because TVA had made it clear that they didn't want to put Star Académie back on the air. “Star Académie was my baby . It was me who thought of it. I was the one who got the rights. There's no one at TVA who told me, “Get Star Académie.” It was really me who thought about it and brought it to TVA who introduced it. »

Even though Julie Snyder is no longer associated with the Star Académie today, we were very happy to see her cheered on by the first fans on stage at the Videotron Center.

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Note that Julie Snyder has been hosting a new show on Noovo for two weeks. “Every Second Counts” is a game show in which contestants must agree on the answers to general knowledge questions in order to fill their shared prize pool. Find out more here.