Juliette announces the cover of a new song and Internet

Juliette announces the cover of a new song and Internet users again associate it with plagiarism

Internet users called Juliette's new cover plagiarism

Internet users called Juliette’s new cover plagiarism

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The singer and exBBB Juliette is targeted Once again accusations of plagiarism. After the publication of the Cover of your new song, which will be published on Thursday 30, some Internet users pointed out a similarity to a photo of the duo Anavitória. The launch comes through a partnership with singer Nattan.

However, Juliette herself posted on her Instagram that the cover was inspired by the 1980 work “Rest Energy” performed by Marina Abramovic and Ulay. In the reinterpretation, Juliette appears to be aiming an arrow at Nattan, who is holding the bow’s arrow shafts.

The plagiarism accusations were not unanimous. Fans of the singer recognized the inspiration in Marina Abramovic’s work and saw no problem with the similarity to Anavitória’s photo. Check out some publications posted on X (formerly Twitter) below:

I saw this somewhere


damn (@d4mvic)

November 27, 2023

Juliette’s team kills her. How not to rest from one plagiarism after another?


Art Tour 𝕏 (@Artweetz)

November 27, 2023

I hope you have already killed the inspectors who said that Juliette’s cover was plagiarized by Anavitoria as it was a reference to Marina Abramovic’s 1980 artwork “Calm Energy”.


Thai (@ottostorie)

November 27, 2023

Guys, why does everyone say it’s plagiarism? Is Marina Abramovic’s performance an art classic? Isn’t it obvious that there are direct references to classics? I don’t think Juliette is stupid enough to think anyone would understand. I see it as a reference. https://t.co/h1uerY3GEO

Rond. (@budejante)

November 27, 2023

Previous allegations

This is not the first time that Juliette has been accused of plagiarism. Recently, a campaign featuring her and Duda Beat by Bauducco was canceled due to similar allegations. The title Magia Amarela was identified by Emicida as similar to Amarelo, including the visual resources used in its promotion.

In addition, singer Manu Gavassi noted that there are many similarities between the video for Almost no Dating, a partnership between Juliette and Marina Sena, and the aesthetic of their 2021 project Gracinha.

The band Boogarins had previously pointed out that there were similarities in the track names on Juliette’s debut album.

Juliette responds to criticism after plagiarism allegations: “The internet court has begun”

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