Juliette cant take it and decides to speak her mind

Juliette can’t take it and decides to speak her mind after being called “poor and suffering” at BBB23

Julia became a theme in Big Brother Brasil 23 during the game of discord. It seems that even 2 years after leaving the reality show, the name of the woman from Paraíba continues to be used in the dynamic responsible for several fights. In summary, the singer was described as “poor and suffering” by Paula Freitas, one of the participants in the current issue. Even outside the house, anyone who thinks that Juliette remained silent after hearing about the speech is mistaken.

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At the time, Paula refuted Marília during the dynamic when she compared her colleague in custody to Juliette. “I said there in the afterlife that people who poke fun and joke around can’t handle it. I felt it was you Gabriel tried, but you didn’t answer him. They like to say that Brazil is watching. Do you want to play Juliette, poor, suffering, not there, my dear, “he shot.


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On her social networks, Juliette limited herself to posting a gif of her moment in which she makes a disapproving face. As soon as the game was over, Paula’s accounts administrators specifically stated, “This was to make it clear that Paula doesn’t mind Juliette, in fact she admires her career and her journey to the BBB.” The defense’s problem was noting that Marília is forcing a narrative similar to Ju in her edition.

However, it now seems a little late for explanations. Because the “cactuses”, as Juliette’s fans are called, are already teaming up against the winner of Casa de Vidro and promise not to let her win the show. It is also worth remembering that it was the same fans who helped Juliette achieve a legendary victory.