Just for Laughs building seized in Montreal

Just for laughs: let the boots go

What sad news to announce Just for Laughs Festival is taking steps to protect itself from creditors. This statement comes on the heels of the abandonment of the Blue Spaces project by the Quebec government.

Let us add to these unfortunate events the acute crisis that our media is going through.

Huge post

The Just for Laughs Festival goes far beyond a simple event. It was an important showcase for Montreal and Quebec. This festival has helped develop many local comedians' careers, drawing crowds and showcasing our pride internationally.

It is an important institution in Montreal that has significantly enriched the Place des Arts and transformed it into a vibrant cultural center. The various activities offered reached a wide audience and offered a variety of experiences: free outdoor performances, quality indoor shows, lively restaurants and bars to the rhythm of the performances, amazed children and grandparents, etc.

What will remain of all this? This concern is justified.

  • Listen to Yasmine Abdelfadel's newsroom via QUB :

At the heart of our identity

Humor is at the heart of our cultural identity. Our comedians shine at home and abroad and have often made their debut in the FJP. Just like the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland or the Marrakesh of Laughter, the Just for Laughs Festival allows us to promote French-speaking culture and play a leading role on the international stage.

Our culture is being hit from all sides in these difficult times. Initiatives are failing, crises are piling up, newsrooms are empty and institutions are preparing for the worst. Yet we are told that our language and culture are the foundation of our identity. Can we then hope that Boots will walk the talk?