Justin Trudeau is the number one problem in Canada –

Justin Trudeau is the number one problem in Canada –

First, not because it's the most painful, but because leaving him is the most urgent priority.

A first Liberal MP just broke the code of silence by saying Justin Trudeau has served his sentence.

“Our expiration date has been reached,” says Newfoundland MP Ken McDonald.


He is not demanding his resignation, but rather a vote of confidence from the members. It comes down to exactly the same thing: you don't keep someone you no longer trust in your job.

“Locally, we almost feel hatred towards Prime Minister Trudeau,” he said.

“Arrogant,” “he annoys me,” “doesn’t listen,” say some of his voters.

I've been in politics for quite a long time. Believe me, when a first deputy asks for the leader's departure, sometimes it is a coordinated operation, sometimes it is not, but that deputy is never the only one who thinks that way.

He is often an older MP who knows he will not become a minister and who would not get into trouble if his career ended there.

If you are young and ambitious, have small children and have a large mortgage, you will be more cautious.

If you are a minister, you will definitely lose your portfolio and all your privileges.

According to the Angus Reid poll from mid-January, the Conservatives now have a 17-point lead (41% versus 24%).

Worse, 62.5% of people who say they want to vote for the Liberals will do so to block the path of Pierre Poilievre.

The liberal persuasion vote has waned spectacularly. Those who would vote Liberal would overwhelmingly do so without holding their noses.

So it is a base that is both reduced and terribly crumbly.

What will Trudeau do? If he doesn't go, we already have his strategy in mind.

64% of Canadians want Biden re-elected and 49% fear an authoritarian trend in American democracy if Trump is elected.

Trudeau will therefore insist that he is best placed to defend Canada against the scarecrow Trump, and that Poilièvre will be a bespectacled mini-Trump who speaks French.

The Liberals also see that immigration now affects all Canadians, with the exception of Quebec Solidaire and Trudeau's immediate entourage.

Weird Immigration Minister Marc Miller, who said immigrants were part of the solution to the housing crisis because they would help build homes, just announced two tentative measures regarding foreign students and visas for certain Mexican nationals.

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There has been too little emphasis on the fact that Ottawa would need to cut spending by $12 billion a year to meet its goal of limiting the federal deficit to 1% of GDP starting in 2026.

In fact, Trudeau has increased his spending by 5% per year since 2016.

His financial plan is a fraud.

From a Quebec perspective, staying in this asylum is a recipe for disaster.