Karol Conka points out comparisons with Rodriguinho on BBB24

Karol Conká points out comparisons with Rodriguinho on BBB24

Karol Conká made a point on social media to reject the comparisons Rodriguinho receives on BBB24. She also received praise for making a change and liking supportive comments.


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Karol Conká used his official account on X (formerly Twitter) to refute the comparisons Rodriguinho has with his participation in the BBB24who, like the singer, was treated as the issue's big villain in 2021.

A montage even appeared on social media with the singer's face on the rapper's body to play with behaviors that, according to Internet users, were similar in different editions. The artist sent an indirect message to comment on the case:

“Good morning! May this day be wonderful, full of creativity that will make it impossible for you to make unnecessary comparisons,” said Karol Conká on X, the old Twitter.

Karol Conká liked some comments on the same social network in which he praised her changes and also those that disparaged Rodriguinho because the singer had the charisma of being a villain.

“Also because you are a new woman! You have already cleansed, cleansed, cleansed all the negative energy,” said one fan, whose message Karol liked. “I would say that we need to ask these people for intelligence first, then we think about asking for creativity,” commented another fan who received the artist's heart. “Lots of beautiful energy for you,” said another user, who also received a like.

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BBB24: New dynamics cause confusion in the house

Singer is not afraid of rejection

Rodriguinho has already spoken about the possibility of a cancellation from Brazil. While he was talking at home, he remembered what had happened to Karol. The singer also said that after the release, the artist has already reentered popular taste.

“I will not be rejected by my wife and children, but the whole of Brazil can cancel me. “They like them again. There is no such conversation. I thought what she did… If I was here, the same thing would happen as everyone else, everyone stayed silent while she fought with the child,” he recalled.

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