Kate del Castillo surprises with a flirtatious photo of her

Kate del Castillo surprises with a flirtatious photo of her youth in a revealing top

Kate del Castillo recently showed a photo of him youthin which he surprises them look very flirty while posing a revealing top. The actress published the picture on her social networks, confirming that for a long time she is not only one of the most beautiful celebrities of the artistic medium, but also one of the most beautifulis best dressed because it was an extremely risky look that showed off her slim silhouette.

the protagonist of “Queen of the South” She is one of the actresses who started her career many years ago when she made her film debut with her father, Eric del Castillo, when I was a child. From an early age she decided to devote herself fully to acting and before long she was involved in soap operas and feature films; Little by little, she developed a solid career in media that got her to where she is now from working there Hollywood with big celebrities and tries his hand at being a producer.

This is what Kate del Castillo looked like when she was young

This Thursday, Kate joined the TBT trend Review Thursday”, a dynamic that has become popular on social networks, where users share a photo or video of a memory. The actress was tagged in a picture by instagram Where he looked very youngfor although the year in which this postcard was taken has not been disclosed, she appears to have been in her twenties, an age when her beautiful face and slender figure made her striking.

Kate del Castillo was a fashion icon from a young age Photo: Screenshot

The actress of “fall again” He didn’t hesitate to reproduce this photo in his stories on the meta platform so that his more than 9.5 million followers know what he looked like a few years ago. On the picture you can see Kate del Castillo wears a top With cups adorned with large pieces in the shape of precious stones of different colors, the garment reveals her flat stomach and slim silhouette, showing that she has had a lot of style and a worked figure since her youth.

It can also be seen that the actress uses a black trousers at the waist, which is back in trend in 2023 because it stylizes this area. In the same way, to make it much more modern, Don Eric del Castillo’s daughter added on this occasion a wide collar with short fringes and a large bracelet in gold and black tones. Although you won’t be able to read his fans’ comments, we’re sure he’s received some flattering news.

Kate del Castillo became known after her participation in the series “little girls“, giving her the lead in “Magic youth“. Throughout his career, he has worked on such projects as “Azul”, “Sometimes We Will Have Wings”, “The Lie”, “The Right to Be Born” and “Under the Same Skin”on TV while he was in the cinema with films like “American Visa”, “Julia”, “The same moon” and “Colosio: The Murder” to name a few. Now she is known worldwide for her role as “Teresa ‘The Mexican Woman’ Mendoza‘ in the series ‘The Queen of the South’.

Kate del Castillo went from teenage soap opera to Hollywood star Photo: Special


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