1674974062 Kate del Castillo talks about the quotbulliesquot who he had

Kate del Castillo talks about the "bullies" who he had to record with on set

As a producer of her new series Falling Again (Vix+) in its premiere week on the digital platform Kate del Castillo he could choose his co-star, Maxi Churchesavoiding stutters and allowing for intimate scenes in a story of infidelity born of a “crush,” love at first sight.

As a producer, did you choose Maxi to play with you?

“Yeah, ever since I read it I’ve said ‘it’s for Maxi’. Firstly it’s perfect for the character, secondly he’s a great friend of mine and because I know he will take care of me and I will be in good hands and because there is a love and respect between the two and I wants that to be shown on screen,” said the Mexican actress.

And how are the bed scenes?

“It’s always uncomfortable. But it really made it a lot easier for me to be with him knowing that he really is my friend and that he will take care of me. It makes a big difference, at least for a woman, yes.”


Kate del Castillo talks about the quotbulliesquot who he had


Scenes of this kind have also become complicated for Maxi Iglesias.

“Sometimes you’ll show up on sets, it’s happened to me, and the first day of shooting you’re like, ‘Hi! what’s up? Action, kisses! Play it here!’”

“Yeah, shame on you,” Kate added.

“It is therefore important that this space is created and this climate as well,” explains Maxi.

“These are very vulnerable moments for both of you, not just the woman,” Kate said, “for both of you, it’s a vulnerable moment because you’re working. And I’ve been with several idiots who say, ‘He doesn’t dare do that to me outside, why is he doing that when the camera is on? What an idiot!’, you understand me?


“So this is terrible, so it’s better to know someone who is loving and cares about you and is your friend,” Kate del Castillo.

And have you ever felt love at first sight like on the show?

“It happened to me, it happened to me with her [refiriéndose a Kate]when I first saw her I said, and this woman?” Maxi replied.

“Of course that you’ve seen someone and you like it, yes, but love at first sight, no. Love starts with the eyes, you see someone and you connect or not, a sexual thing, but going beyond that, I know not if it happened to me first”.

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“I think that there has never been anything in my life that starts like this, and neither does ‘Ana’, in a situation where she is with her husband, whom she loves and who has little to her, in the Quarrel is son she loves and has a career it’s amazing!”