Kate Middleton the beauty secret is a bee venom therapy

Kate Middleton, the beauty secret is a “bee venom therapy” recommended by Camilla

Kate Middleton She has just become Princess of Wales, the first since Lady Diana’s death, but subjects and fans of the royal family are looking forward to seeing her as the new queen. The prince’s wife WilhelmShe, who turned 40 this year, has a beauty secret that allows her to always have flawless skin.

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Princess Bee Venom Therapy

“Bee Venom Therapy”, discovered 10 years ago and endorsed by Queen Consort Camilla. According to the Chron, Kate had started using bee venom cream before her marriage to Prince William in 2012. An esthetician named Deborah Mitchell, who has had several VIP clients over the years, helped her with this. Bee venom has anti-aging effects and improves skin elasticity, tightens the face for an instant lift. A natural alternative to botox to always stay in perfect shape and eliminate wrinkles.

Last updated: Monday 3 October 2022 05:50